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In lovemaking, it’s of course always on the own preferences. It should be a particularly strong vibrator? Want to can you take with him in a handbag? You use it alone or with your partner? We’re on a big vibrator. What kind of material feels best for you? In each of these segments, there are bad and which are the best vibrators.  We tested, analyzed and researched to find out which vibrator objectively may call themselves “Best vibrator”. Here is our test results with the top 10 on the topic: best vibrator in the world.

Vibrator Reviews

6th place – silver Swan by Swan vibes
Silver SwanDen makes the attractive ‘the silver Swan’ at the beginning. He is the most popular and therefore best vibrator of brand of Swan vibes. In our ranking he is ranked “last” though, but it should be remembered that he has beaten tens other vibrators from the field. These six helpers are winners in their own way.

In the gaudy pink and with a purist aesthetic he draws attention already visually on himself. The high-quality processing is to see him. He is made of skin-friendly silicone, 100% waterproof and very easy to clean. In addition he has completely no batteries, since he is recharged via a battery charger.

He spoiled woman equal in two ways, inserted vaginally with the large end and clitoral with the small end, which lies directly on the clitoris. And even though he’s not particularly strong, he has it all. One very strong motor, which is still pretty quiet and thus gets no neighbors on the plan, who finally want to sleep no matter how long you have fun with it is at both ends. “Very strong and intense. I came 4 times in a row”, says a satisfied user.

I like the bright silver Swan with its aesthetic form and the powerful double stimulation? Get it here at a price of €61,83!
5th place – we vibe III of we vibe

We vibe is no coat hook and also no horseshoes. He is rather a very sophisticated vibrator, especially for those women who have already one or the other at home and want to try something new.

Best vibrator of the brand we vibe and just top 5 of our list for this, of course, some quality criteria must be met. He also is made of silicone, brings a powerful battery instead of batteries and can be recharged via a USB cable. It is available turquoise and purple in three colors, namely red.

How to use this strangely shaped thing now? Quite simply: Introduces the a part, so that is the second on the clit. This creates a comforting double stimulation that comes from two powerful engines in one end of each. The highlight at the we vibe III: It comes with a wireless remote control. Whether alone or as a couple, this is a whole new experience when one has more directly to do with the stimulation, but controls it from a distance and without touching.

And here we are on the subject of togetherness. Because the Web vibe III is also ideally suited for couples. In addition to the classic Variant “I get’s friends with ‘ a toy ‘ can the woman wear it during sex, so that both feel the vibration during the Act. For him, this may be a very delightful experience. For couples, the we vibe III is best vibrator in the test.

Do you like double stimulation, you can experience also as a couple? And even a remote control? Then is the we vibe III that is right for you. It’s for sale for €55,99.
4 Patchy Paul by fun factory

Patchy PaulWer not know him? Patchy Paul – Ramesh also called – from fun factory. The most famous of all vibrators not for nothing is this. With the quality of fun factory, he promises many pleasant hours. And for several reasons.

Of course he can come up with any quality characteristics. He is 100% silicone, waterproof and made in Germany. But these are just the formal qualities. Its real trump card is its distinctive shape. There the folded down head first. This particular form is made to stimulate the g-spot and to spoil that.

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Its serrated surface is an additional feature that almost would have earned the title of “The best vibrator” him. When inserting the vibrator, the feeling of pleasure is significantly increased by this structure. Finally, there is the uneven thickness would be. While the diameter just below the head is still quite small, Patchy Paul is out getting fatter and fatter at the end. And who has seen the movie “The polar bear”, knowing that it is but that matters. 😉

The best concludes as always: P is for some time with a Turbo Booster so that really has it all. You’re on the way to the climax and want more of your little friend, just press the Turbo